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The Field – Cupid’s Head [Kompakt] (2013)


On Monday September 30th publishes the new album by Axel Willner and his project The Field , the fourth of this project , as always, on the German label Kompakt , wonderful album , 6 compositions and with a duration of 54 minutes , 54 delicious minutes to enjoy the quality of this producer, creativity and ability to create a personal atmospheres and environments they catch you and make you fly , fly, float on musicality offered, hypnotic compositions, long lasting, and evolution in the producer, and visible from the cover, changing the light color typical of their albums, a black cover on this new album, as Axel explains “When I started to work on CUPID’S HEAD, it was quite awkward, I felt that I had nothing to put into a new album and I’m not the type to sit down and force something out in the studio. But then, after a few modest attempts, I got a first loop together and running.” And from these loops start creating the album, to have a life all their ideas and make this fantastic album.

The album opens with the epic and wonderful ‘They Will not See Me’ with its 9 magical minutes, a composition in the vein of The Field, excellent track, to enter with ‘Black Sea’ in other settings, with these loops and environments more relaxed and more than 11 minutes of development, and continuing with these loops in ‘Cupid ‘s Head’ and the magic of the producer at the time to produce, create and transmit a very special feelings , in ‘A Guided Tour’ feelings and feelings of happiness and be very comfortable in his eight minutes, delicious , and cosmic space ‘No. No. .. ‘ who has the collaborationn of Kicki Halmos (Lowood ) on vocals, perfect track to fly through space and closing the album with more than 9 minutes of ’20 Seconds Of Affection’ . Excellent album, in the words of Axel “CUPID’S HEAD is about visions of the future, tiny actions and their consequences, about sentimentality and most certainly… about life.”

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The Field – Cupid’s Head [Kompakt KOMPAKT CD 110] (30 September, 2013)
1 They Won’t See Me 08:59
2 Black Sea 11:35
3 Cupid’s Head 06:32
4 A Guided Tour 08:14
5 No. No… 09:00
6 20 Seconds Of Affection 09:39


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