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The Field – The Cupid’s Head Remixe [Kompakt KOMPAKTDIGITAL042] (2014)


Last year the producer of The Field aka Axel Willner released its fourth studio album, ‘Cupid’s Head’ on the German label of Kompakt, and later on vinyl and exclusive limited editions have been published on the same label remixes of the tracks of this album, excellent album, and now the digital edition of all these remixes, 8 remixes, 7 producers, opening it with the remix of Gas aka Wolfgang Voigt and over 10 minutes for the track ‘Cupid’s Head’ with that special sound of Gas, hypnotic and closing the EP with ‘Ambient Mix’ with another 10 minutes of that wall of sound and distortions; the Canadian producer of Tim Hecker and a subtle and thoughtful remix for the track ‘No. No. .. ‘; Dominick Fernow aka Vatican Shadow offers a demonstration of the use of noise becomes music on the remix of ‘Cupid ‘s Head’; resident on Los Angeles, the producer of John Tejada with a remix for the track ‘No. No. ..’, completely transformed the track and sound closer to the dance floor, with excellent melodies mixed with rare and strange sounds; from Sweden with TM404 and another remix for the track ‘No. No. ..’ with a repetitive loops, and touches almost acid and bubbling sounds; and 2 more remixes for the track ‘Cupid’s Head’, the first with Barker & Baumecker a curious remix, full of breaks and details; and from Los Angeles with SONNS aka Alexandre Mouracade (half of Split Secs) that brings the remix to club rhythms, danceable and hypnotic. Interesting remixes for this great producer of The Field.

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