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The Green Collection [Eskimo Recordings] (2014)


Veteran Belgian label of Eskimo Recordings, continuing their collection compiled of colors, if last year was ‘The Pink’, this last month of February ‘The Blue’ and now up to ‘The Green Collection’, a collection of 12 tracks, mostly of the most recent publications in the label, and 5 exclusive and new, some of which soon will be published in EP with remixes, opening with the exclusive Knight One and his ‘Shimmer’, with rhythms soft and choppy vocals; Kraak & Smaak with their cosmic-spacial ‘Ghostnote’ witha a piano among the most galactic sounds; one of the best moments of the compiled with Duncan Gray and his ‘Beeech’, 7 minutes from cosmic journey through the galaxy and universe of Tici Taci, as always, a wonder everything that makes this producer; the veteran Norwegian duo of Trulz & Robin feat Camilla Moon, next reference in the label with their ‘Me To You’, carrying us travel to a cosmic house, dark and hypnotic; another surprises of the compilation, Man Power with its ‘Skattejag’, brilliant composition, dark and emotional, with touches of epic and delicious; and a selection of recent publications of Alexander Skancke feat HEwrote, Horixon Jacques Teal, Vinny feat Villbass feat Ost, Mees Dierdorp, NTEIBINT, Blende and Satin Jacket feat Patrick Baker. Slightly irregular compiled, such as the last references in the label, interesting new bets of the label, a sounds and producers oriented to more creative proposals and and new styles.

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VA – The Green Collection [Eskimo Recordings 541416 506768D] (27 October, 2014)
1 Knight One – Shimmer 04:20
2 Alexander Skancke – Found My Place (feat HEwrote – original mix) 04:11
3 Horixon – Great Things (feat Jacques Teal) 04:49
4 Vinny Villbass – Lust For Wrong (feat Ost – original mix) 08:09
5 Mees Dierdorp – Aviar Alom 06:57
6 NTEIBINT – Baby (original mix) 05:55
7 Kraak & Smaak – Ghostnote 05:46
8 Duncan Gray – Beeech 07:36
9 Blende – Sparkle 04:17
10 Trulz & Robin – Me To You (feat Camilla Luna) 07:04
11 Man Power – Skattejag 06:55
12 Satin Jackets – Fall Apart (feat Patrick Baker) 05:30


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