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The KDMS – Part Time Lovers (Remixes) [MB Disco] (2013)


The label of Martin Brodin, MB Disco, publishes today an excellent pack of remixes for a track from duo British/Polish, The KDMS (Kathy Diamond & Maximilian Skiba) from his debut album of the last year on the German label of Gomma ‘Kinky Dramas & Magic Stories’, for the track ‘Part Timer Lovers’ and the realization of a video with the original track to promote the release, a track loaded with those disco-funk bases with the unmistakable voice of Kathy, now updating with 6 new remixes; from Germany with Leaves & Iron Curtis (Mirau) (with 2 remixes, SMPL Mix and SMPL Dub) being track 7 minutes with a new drums and percussion and an incendiary bass line to burn the dancefloor; from France with the magical duo of Acid Washed (Record Makers) track approaching that Synth-Disco-Pop sound of the French with an amazing cosmic synthesizers decorating the track and with a result very space and something dark; the owner of the label, the Swedish Dj and producer of Martin Brodin with a new analog bass lines and bringing the track to that disco and House that both Martin likes to enjoy good company on the dance floor; other Swedish, usual in the label and close friend of Martin, as it is Copycat (Eskimo) along more than 7 minutes leads with this remix to a charged energy witth a mix of power of disco, italo, cosmic and balearic joins the sweet voice of Kathy, an amazing remix, killer remix; from Denmark, with another master as Peter Visti (Eskimo/Bear Funk) prints it more pace and energy to the track, a fantastic bass lines and several added elements that transform the original track almost full, excellent and high-quality of Peter; and with Nirosta Steel aka Steven Hall (with Remix and Instrumental Remix) re-working for complete the track with a result very different from the original, more relaxed, with very filtered vocals, and added guitars; and to complete the EP, included the original version of The KDMS.

The KDMS – Part Time Lovers (Remixes) [MB Disco MB 2033] (4 October, 2013) Buy @ Juno
1 Part Time Lovers (Leaves & Iron Curtis SMPL mix) 07:01
2 Part Time Lovers (Acid Washed remix) 05:41
3 Part Time Lovers (Martin Brodin remix) 05:57
4 Part Time Lovers (A Copycat remix) 07:38
5 Part Time Lovers (Peter Visti remix) 06:38
6 Part Time Lovers (Nirosta Steel remix) 04:29
7 Part Time Lovers (Leaves & Iron Curtis SMPL dub) 07:00
8 Part Time Lovers (Nirosta Steel remix instrumental) 04:29
9 Part Time Lovers 04:16


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