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The Populists – Lipdub EP [Days Of Being Wild] (2015)


At the end of 2013, the French producer of Yan Wagner started a new project called The Populist, a name of this new project that takes influenced by populist currents in European politics of today, a new project in which Yan Wagner takes musical influences of the 80s, electro, techno-pop, to music composed in a simple way accurate and detailed, so came the debut of this new project the label founded by David Carretta of Space Factory by the end of 2014, ‘Soft Power EP’ where The Populist presented 4 original compositions, a debut EP which came after remixes for David Carretta & Workerpoor (Space Factory, 2013) and Mathieu Besset (Like Life Records, 2014), and this last summer include another new cut in the compilation of Space Factory of ‘Galactic Creatures’, and now comes his new EP, ‘Lipdub EP’, this time for the imprint of Days Of Baing Wild (run by Franz Kirmann aka Hotel International and Samuel Berdah, half of Club Bizarre), a new EP of The Populist which included 3 new original cuts and complemented with a remix by La Décadanse, a new project that debuted last September in the imprint of Astro Lab Recordings (run by Laurent Pastor) and that is formed by Laurent Pastor and Marc Lapeyre (guitar, effects, synthesizers in the duo of FKClub).

‘Lipdub EP’, the second EP by The Populist, the first in Days Of Baing Wild, opens with ‘Ni-Ni’, with a slow tempo and more than 7 minutes of dark atmospheres, flavours of the 80s, with sirens and synthesizers, hypnotic rhythms and sounds raw, raucous and a few percussions that beat to beat will trickle into the darkness of the dancefloor. In the second cut of ‘Manif Pour Tous’ the bells give start to the cut, together with a few strange and mysterious sounds, and a voice that is repeated to penetrate our minds and bring us to the darkness and mystery of outer space, of unknown planets. Finally, ‘Amalgames’ is presented with a rhythm more nervous, tense, accompanied by distortions, frenetic pace, industrial sounds, to go into an industrial ship abandoned in the 80s to rate of metal beats.

Completing the EP with the remix of La Décadanse for ‘Manif Pour Tous’, with a start from nearly atmospheric sounds, sounds of sonar, and the mysterious voice of the original, for delving into hyperspace and get lost in space-time, dark and captivating, with psychotropic effects and claustrophobic atmospheres.

The Populists – Lipdub EP [Days Of Being Wild WILD040] (2 December, 2015)
1 The Populists – Ni-Ni (Original Mix) 7:07
2 The Populists – Manif Pour Tous (Original Mix) 5:57
3 The Populists – Amalgames (Original Mix) 6:56
4 The Populists – Manif Pour Tous (La Decadanse Remix) 6:46

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