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The Time & Space Machine – Magic Hour EP [Tirk Records] (2013)


Richard Norris and his The Time & Space Machine return with new material, a year has passed its last EP ‘Good Morning’ in the label Tirk Records, and the same label today was published in ‘The Magic Hour’ with 3 original compositions and 2 remixes, all that influence of psychedelic played today, opening the EP with ‘Magic Hour’ with all the vibrations of the 70sthat American psychedelia of films of the B-series andof the most psychedelic Beatles, a delight for dancing, repetitive voices with those tuned guitars and percussion that you throw to another time, track who comes accompanied by a remix of a classic of the 90s such as Cornershop, with an excellent bass and that organ from 70s sound who runs the remix, with few reverberations in the vocals that give hints of epic, and a version of ‘Magic Hour’ less crazy than the original; pure psychedelia again with ‘Reverberation’ with guitars and caryz keyboards and brilliant vocals accompanying the music, track that comes in the digital edition with exclusive Snorkel remix which gives it a more deep and dark sound, calmer than the original; and to complete the release with ‘Lady In The Lake’ track more quiet and relaxed, a track ideal for floating in the lysergic environment created with other compositions, is the time to fly and let yourself be carried away by the music.

The Time & Space Machine – Magic Hour EP [Tirk Records TIRK082] (14 October, 2013) Buy @ Beatport
1 Magic Hour 06:26
2 Magic Hour (Mr Whiskers Black Power mix by Cornershop) 06:24
3 Reverberation 06:51
4 Lady In The Lake 05:00
5 Reverberation (Snorkel remix) 06:44


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