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Thomass Jackson – Think People EP [La Dame Noir Records] (2015)


After the publication of the excellent compilation of ‘Darker It Gets, Clearer We See’, the imprint and collective from Marseille of La dame Noir Records return with their usual EPs, and for this new reference in label, the label again look to Mexico, the third reference with artists from Mexico, last year passed by the label the duo of Zombies In Miami and the collaboration between Iñigo Vontier & Dan Solo, and now is time for the artist with Argentine origen and resident in Mexico of Thomass Jackson, who debuted in the 2012 Mexican label of Electrique Music and on the Argentine label of Heartbeat Revolutions, and subsequently found him on the Dutch label of Legendary Sound Research, the Madrid label of Play Pal Music or on the german label of Gomma, and participate in compiled for labels such as Corresponddant, La dame Noir Records or Play Pal Music, as well as his remixes on labels such as Tici Taci, Nein Records, Mix the Fun or High Above The Ground among many others. Thomass Jackson presents now for La dame Noir Records his called ‘Think People EP’ with 3 original cuts with that characteristic sound of the artist, influence sounds from disco, dark and hypnotic, atmospheres, tracks that is accompanied by 2 remixes, first with the French artist and resident artist in Barcelona of Golden Bug aka Antoine Harispuru, artist that debuted by the hands of the German label Gomma in 2007, and now is one of the co-founders of the label of La Belle Records, and that just released a new EP for the label of Les Disques De La Mort; and then, the remix signed by the project of A&N, a project formed by Johnson in collaboration with Nicolas Mons, whom debuted on the recent compilation of the label, and that they are currently working on their debut EP.

The debut EP of Thomass Jackson on La dame Noir Records opens with the mysterious ‘Think About C’, synthesizers that direct us into the darkness of the night, a mysterious night, a funky bass opens way to present a voice strained with dark effects and a percussion that give a fresh touch, all developing in a few dark disco rhythms, heavy atmospheres; with following cut of ‘One of Them People’, alien and extraterrestrial sounds take over the track, to then go to develop a catchy bassline, full of pace and tension, by combining elements more funky and disco with psychotropics and trippy effects; the last original cut of ‘Simon’, begins as if an alien spacecraft landing in Mexico, and the aliens began playing music, metal percussions, strange sounds, rhythms chuggy to this space trip, killer track.

Completing the EP from Thomass Jackson, with the remixes, first with the remix from the A&N project for the track of ‘Think About C’, with a great work of this duo, a rhythm more disco, aimed at the dance floor, with a galloping progression, steady development, with new voices and screams that drive us to dance and enjoy. And finally, with Golden Bug and the remix for the track ‘One of Them People’, slowing down the tempo and adding some more sinister and dark atmosphere, some mysterious whispers, and sounds come out from a horror/terror movie to fill the remix, strange beings that take over the remix, a totally hypnotic bassline, great remix.

Thomass Jackson – Think People EP [La Dame Noir Records LDNRDS14] (11 December, 2015)
1 Thomass Jackson – Think About C (Original Mix) 6:31
2 Thomass Jackson – One of Them People (Original Mix) 6:54
3 Thomass Jackson – Simon (Original Mix) 6:12
4 Thomass Jackson – Think About C (A&N Remix) 5:23
5 Thomass Jackson – One of Them People (Golden Bug Remix) 5:33

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Thomass Jackson – Simon (Alternate Arpped Version)

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