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Tim Green – Helpless Sun EP [My Favorite Robot Records MFR099] (2014)


The British producer and label owner of Disc Over Music, Tim Green after going through labels such as Cocoon, Get Physical or Flumo among others, arrives with his first reference to the Canadian label of My Favorite Robot Records with 2 original tracks and 2 remixes by Ryan Crosson (Visionquest) completing a very good debut for the label, the reference number 99 in the Canadian label, opening the EP with more than 9 minutes of ‘Helpless Sun’ a track featuring the singer of Hayley Hutchinson, a start of track with guitars and atmospheric sounds to make way for the electronics and the incredible voice of Hayley Hutchinson singing the track with a steady progression in development and the track with epic moments, track accompanying with 2 remixes by Visionquest member Ryan Crosson, first with the ‘Mood Vocal Remix’ over 6 minutes with a new vision of the track, more oriented to the dancefloor, and with ‘Ambient Remix’ of just over 3 minutes from most environmental and atmospheric sounds; and completing the pack with another track of more than 9 minutes, ‘Seti’ more Deep Techno, wonderful development and progression, with layers of melodies that are merging to achieve a great result.

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