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Tony Lionni – Just a Little More (LP) [Madhouse] (2013)


The Liverpool-born producer of Tony Lionni debuted in 2010 with their album ‘As One’ on Freerange Records, and now reaches Madhouse label with a new album ‘Just a Little More’ which includes collaborations such as Robert Owens, Rachel Fraser or Maria Marcial, a producer heavily influenced by Detroit house music and black music (Soul, funk, jazzfunk, etc .) and a classy performance in their productions, gentle rhythms, mid tempos, some tracks more focused on dance them and others to enjoy your listening, an excellent piano in many of them, an album very careful of someone who understands exactly what he is doing, in the tracks with vocal collaborations adds a plus, adding to composition to enlarge them. An album with a classic sound without sounding than usual and characteristic, that conveys a good ambient and very nice atmosphere, pleasant listening and enjoyment.
Robert Owens contributing his voice to ‘Time Stands Still’ a deep house with her voice rippling between melody; Rachel Fraser in ‘Take Me With You’ or Maria Marcial in the sweet and deep ‘Do You Believe’, more jazzys touches and ‘Lost Souls’, more oriented to the dance floor like in ‘When 2 R in Love’, melancholic boat trips with ‘Black Orchid’…. an album that opens with ‘Just a Little to More’ , and that’s what Tony give to us and then ends with the great and danceable ‘Positive Vibration’ positive energies is what Tony trasnmite us…… Very good album ….

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