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Tronik Youth – Edible Thoughts [La dame Noir Records LDN010] (2014)


The British producer of Tronik Youth aka Neil Parnell, lately this at a creative time excellent, with his publications of edits and original compositions for the Nein label, and now with a new and excellent track for the great label from Marseille of La dame Noir Records, ‘Edible Thoughts’, complemented with 4 excellent remixes, the original, a track with a slow tempo, dark, hypnotic, with a very great funky bassline and a touch of disco accompanied by a vocal loop that traps us in the composition; and for the remixes, first with the Swedish duo of Drop Out Orchestra, with something more up the tempo, accentuating the sounds more disco, and highlighting the riffs of guitar, new percussion and synthesizer effects; and also from Sweden, with producer Richard Rossa, also raising the tempo, and beside the remix to sounds closer to the Italo, and very dark; and move to London with excellent duo of Eskimo Twins, with the high tempo of the pack, and 7-minute for the dance floor, with a great bassline and some touches of acid, killer remix; and from Manchester with Pulp Disco and the Outcasts who are responsible for transforming completly the track, making it another killer remix, tempo slow, dark, raw, dirty, another excellent 7 minutes.

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