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Tronik Youth – Losing My Mind EP [Nein Records] (2015)


Third single taken from the debut album of Tronik Youth on his own record label of Nein Records, an album that came after a long musical career of more than 10 years with EPs for various labels and a long list of edits, a long career in which the Tronik Youth sound has evolved to find his own expression, personal sound much influenced by the sounds of the 80s, so last July came the album ‘Youth Is Wasted On The Young’, an album that had 2 singles before (‘Splinter Of The Minds Eye’ and ‘The Healer’) and that for this third single is ‘Losing My Mind’, a cut that is accompanied by a new mix by the own Tronik Youth and called ‘Nite Dub’ and that is complemented with 2 new remixes of 2 artists, first with the Italian producer of Rodion aka Edoardo Cianfanelli, who will soon be published in Nein Records the first advance that will be his long awaited second album, 8 years have passed since his debut album for the german label of Gomma, since Rodion to gone through different labels such as Nang, Eskimo Recordings, Roccodisco, among others, and great collaborations with artists like Bottin, Mammarella or Golden Bug among others; the second remix comes from France with Samuel Berdah, half of the respected duo of Club Bizarre, and a recent debut of this solo project in a split EP for the label of Days Of Being Wild with Hotel International.

By opening this new EP by Tronik Youth in Nein Records with the original version of ‘Losing My Mind’, a cut that collaborate Gabe Gurnsey (from Factory Floor) on the drums, one of the tracks shorter from the album, less than 4 minutes, where the composition is influenced by Post Punk and New Wave sounds alongside some hypnotic synths and strange and disturbing voices; the first remix comes signed by Rodion, extending the remix over 6 minutes with an effect more trippy and hypnotic, pulsating synths, fun percussion, Tronik Youth on the spaceship of Rodion traveling across the universe outside; the following mix is ‘Nite Dub’ by the own Tronik Youth, bringing the remix more near to the dance floor, uploading the tempo of the original, and the duration of the same, to more than 5 minutes, adding new synthesizers, effects and a few darker atmospheres; and finally, Sam Berdah (from Club Bizarre) leads us to a magical journey to the stars, with a slow tempo and totally hypnotic, spiral sounds and a great bassline that take us into mysteries universes.

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Tronik Youth – Losing My Mind EP [Nein Records NEIN050] (16 November, 2015)
1 Tronik Youth – Losing My Mind (Original Mix) 3:53
2 Tronik Youth – Losing My Mind (Rodion Remix) 6:27
3 Tronik Youth – Losing My Mind (Nite Dub) 5:42
4 Tronik Youth – Losing My Mind (Sam Berdah Remix) 7:06


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