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Tronik Youth – Malice Of Absence 12″ [Rotten City Records] (2015)


This last month of September, and from Madrid debuted the new label of Rotten City, run and founded by Álvaro Cabana and Juliana Leyva, a label and which debuted with a double release, the debut of the 2 sub-labels of it, on the one hand Rotten City Files, with releases on digital edition and with a commitment to new artists, with the first reference with the debut of the trio from Madrid of Gatos Negros with remixes from Squarewave and JackWasFaster, while on Rotten City Records, will be published references exclusively on vinyl, in limited editions, and for the first reference in this vinyl edition, the guest arrives from UK, the veteran Dj and producer of Tronik Youth aka Neil Parnell, who runs the imprint of Nein Records, and that presents a new and exclusive cut for the occasion called ‘Absence Of Malice’, a cut that is complemented with 2 remixes, the first from Tel Aviv with one of the artist most prominent of recent times, Red Axes (Dori Sadovnik & Niv Arzi) who since their signing by the French label of I’m A Cliche in 2012, are receiving high praise and widely accepted by the public at each new release; the second remix arrives from London with veteran artist of Richard Sen, who at the end of the 90s was part of the duo of Bronx Dogs along with Paul Eve, and in 2005 debuted with his project of Padded Cell long to Neil Beatnik, a part of his solo career which is usually supported by the label of Emotional Especial.

Tronik Youth with his ‘Malice Of Absence’, the debut of Rotten City, presents us a trip to the dark, full of mystery, a 11-minute ride on slow camera, those slow tempos that love to Tronik Youth, with the incorporation of strange sounds, animals and voices that seem out of a horror movie, with these hypnotic melodies that draw us into the darkness of the night and fog, and the sinister inhabitants of this deep and intense trip.

For the remixes, first with the collaboration of Red Axes with the musician of Yovav signs a new amazing work, a complete reconstruction of the original, to add light and color to the remix, adopting sounds closer to the Balearic, supported these Balearic rhythms by the use of guitar and a cosmic synths, a wonder remix, magical remix. For his part, Richard Sen, with another completely reconstruction in a different direction, ups the tempo of the original to take it to the center of the dance floor, prints a frenetic and forceful rhythm, full of energy in the remix, with cosmic touches and great development in which the elements appear to complete a very complete remix.

Tronik Youth – Malice Of Absence 12″ [Rotten City Records RCR 001] (7 September, 2015)
Side 1
1. Tronik Youth – Malice Of Absence (original mix) 11:00
Side 2
1. Tronik Youth – Malice Of Absence (Red Axes feat. Yovav remix) 8:16
2. Tronik Youth – Malice Of Absence (Richard Sen remix) 6:24

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