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Tronik Youth – Youth Is Wasted On The Young (LP) [Nein Records] (2015)


The British producer of Neil Parnell aka Tronik Youth began his musical career 10 years ago, with edits and remixes, to debut at the British Back Yard Recordings and No Dice with the publication of several EPs and remixes on labels such as MB Disco, Continental Records, Emerald & Doreen Recordings among others, more than 75 remixes, 25 EPs, a great musical trajectory, and in 2013, and along with Jonah Considine founded his own record label of Nein Records, label where mainly has been publishing his recent edits and compositions, as well as publish EPs on labels such as La dame Noir Records or Tici Taci. During these 10 years, the sound of Tronik Youth has changed, evolved, a few early with much influenced by Disco music, to his present time which shows a greater influence of Acid, EBM, New Wave, Krautrock and New Beat sound. An album in which Tronik Youth has recorded it in his studio for a year, with the use of your analog and digital technology. An album that consists of 11 cuts and 60 minutes, 2 of the album cuts have been published this year as singles advancements of the same, compositions accompanying by remixes, ‘Splinter Of The Minds Ey’ and ‘The Healer’, an album which has counted with the collaboration of Gabe Gurnsey (Factory Floor) on drums on the tracks of ‘On Death Highway’ and ‘Losing my Mind’.

Debut album by Tronik Youth in Nein Records opens with ‘On Death Highway’, a dark and mysterious onset, slow tempo, steady, filtered voices and noises of engines flowing through the highway, 6 minutes to begin the trip and reach ‘Splinter of The Minds Eye’, which was the first single from presentation of the album, where over a 7 minute of slow tempo include Arabesque voices cosmic synths, metal percussion and a great bassline; in ‘Losing My Mind’, one of the more short cuts from the album, less than 4 minutes, where it dominates the composition the influence one more Post Punk and New Wave alongside a few synthesizers to the Kraftwerk style; as if it were a soundtrack, comes ‘Hate Tease’, with mysterious voices and hypnotic rhythms; a few cinematic atmospheres that become science fiction movie with ‘Dark Passenger’, a mysterious walk through outer space shot in slow motion; a more raw sound with ‘Memor-Hex’ merged with a few precise synths and industrial elements; and one of the moments most brilliant album, the epic of more of 9 minutes ‘Absence Of Malice’, with influence from 80s, Horror Movies and some full of mystery and dark atmospheres, with brilliant; a progression and development with ‘The Healer’ second single album advance, increases the epic, an epic with a dark atmosphere and a monologue which increases the epic; strong, slow and menacing shows ‘Descent of Man’, based on beats knocking our minds, a mind traveling to space with ‘Good Nacht’, sweet magical melodies and completing the album with the short, less than 3 minutes from ‘The Unknowable Question’, with a more environmental atmospheres, as perfect end point for this great album.

Tronik Youth – Youth Is Wasted On The Young (LP) [Nein Records NEIN TR-1] (20 July, 2015)
1 On Death Highway (Original Mix) 6:21
2 Splinter of The Minds Eye (Original Mix) 6:58
3 Losing My Mind (Original Mix) 3:53
4 Hate Tease (Original Mix) 5:50
5 Dark Passenger (Original Mix) 5:11
6 Memor-Hex (Original Mix) 4:45
7 Malice Of Absence (Original Mix) 9:07
8 The Healer (Original Mix) 5:45
9 Descent of Man (Original Mix) 5:00
10 Good Nacht (Original Mix) 4:49
11 The Unknowable Question (Original Mix) 2:57


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