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Trulz & Robin presents KSMISK – Change EP [Rett I Fletta] (2015)


Third reference of the recent new label run by Prins Thomas of Rett I Fletta, a label oriented to sounds more techno, if in the first 2 references on the label were to the same Prins Thomas, and in this third are with the Norwegian duo of Trulz & Robin (Truls Kvam & Robin Crafoord), that continuing with its recent new project of KSMISK, in this EP with 3 new compositions with minimalist sounds, dark techno and crude, created with analog instruments, by opening this new EP with more than 9 minutes of ‘Change’ filled with mystery and totally hypnotic, creating atmospheres that recall Trentemøller, with ‘Dunjon’, raises the tempo of the track, and a sound more bubbling sound and trippy, deeper; and completing the EP with ‘Is Dub’, with a more atmospheric sound and dub, mixing crystal sounds with others more raw and dirty.

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Trulz & Robin presents KSMISK – Change EP [Rett I Fletta RIF003] (16 March, 2015)
1 Trulz & Robin presents KSMISK – Change (Original Mix) 9:28
2 Trulz & Robin presents KSMISK – Dunjon (Original Mix) 6:09
3 Trulz & Robin presents KSMISK – Is Dub (Original Mix) 6:12



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