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Tuff City Kids feat Shan – Kirk Juemmeth EP [Permanent Vacation] (2015)


The duo of Tuff City Kids (Phillip Lauer & Gerd Janson) have published new EP, ‘Kirk Juemmeth’ for the German label of Permanent Vacation, an EP composed with 4 tracks, 3 original and an alternative version, an EP that also have the collaboration of the German producer of Victor Shan, compositions aimed directly to the dancefloor with a classic house sound, powerful and energetic, opening up this EP with ‘Lambsgame’, which looks out like the classic Chicago House, frenetic and infectious melodies, track accompanying the alternative mix called ‘Chopper Rescue Version’ with the most powerful kicks and arrangements more from current moment, and 2 more original tracks, ‘Highlights’, with that classic sound, strong percussion and a few acid touches and bubbling sounds and ‘Cole Rabies Beats’ with a series of repetitive sounds to be used as a DJ tool.

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Tuff City Kids feat Shan Kirk – Juemmeth EP [Permanent Vacation PERMVAC 135-1] (30 January, 2015)
1 Tuff City Kids – Lambsgame feat. Shan (Original Mix) 6:35
2 Tuff City Kids – Lambsgame feat. Shan (Chopper Rescue Version) 6:42
3 Tuff City Kids – Highlights feat. Shan (Original Mix) 6:26
4 Tuff City Kids – Cole Rabies Beats feat. Shan (Original Mix) 4:22


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