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El_Txef_A – We Walked Home Together Remix Pack III EP [Forbidden Colors](2016)


The third packs remixes ep “We walked home together” by one of our great Spain Producers arrive at Como La Grecas Blog. We talk about El_Txef_A.

Forbidden color, the label captained by Aitor Etxeberria, natural of Pais Vasco, is a label that has managed very well positioned in a record market flooded by millions of references that do not stand out at all. However, with basically 3 discs released by the same author and owner of the seal El_Txef_A, he has known introduce really well. We are shown a fantastic collection of remixes to the original of the same track “We Walked Home Together”. A wide range of different artists make up the three packs of remixes that Forbbiden Color brings us here. In this comprehensive coverage national producers like Eduardo de la Calle, Damian Schwartz and others, some international renowned like the little brother of Voight, Reinhard Voigt, the American The Black Madonna, Canadian Hrdvision or Germans Lake people among many others.

For this third pack of remixes we find interpretations of Reinhard Voigt, Dave Dk, Damian Schwartz and the same El_Txef_A. A leisurely stroll towards a natural place to find harmony above…

The first of the remixes, by Bonnet kompakt, is a pretty instrumental piece, with pop touches and deep synths, acid touches that we like are always present and use of very fine voice. Quite a long topic helps us reflect.

The next remix that is signed by Dave DK, another favorite of Kompakt, revives a little ep order to feel the use of a harmony that is well marked by the original track. Sounds deep, effects on quite peculiar and somewhat monotonous voices editions throughout the track. Atmospheric pads and generally bearable use of reverbs and loops and classical structures in this producer.

The third remix, a great national to be proud of, comes by Damian Schwartz. Encouraging the roost with rather more groove and rhythm in the bass and drums, it presents the remix with classic synths, structured progressively throughout the song.

And the last of the remixes by El_Txef_A, a lovely walk back home, dodging acid sequences and making distant hum the melody that is close to home and attend to the voice so relaxing.

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Limited Edition 300 copies in Vinilo


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