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VA – 5 Years of No.19 Music [No.19 Music No19047] (2014)


The label based in Canada of No. 19 Music, founded and directed by producers Jonny White (Art Department ) & Nitin celebrate 5 years, 5 years in which they has earned a well deserved international reputation and standing out for a great quality in all productions, and it turns 5 years old, from those early EPs with Jonny White who started the references on the label, there are many producers who have passed through No. 19 Music, 47 references and 5 albums, and to celebrate, today published the compiled ‘5 Years of No.19 Music’ (referenc # 47) with 14 selected by Jonny White, 14 new and exclusive tracks from producers who have worked on the label and other that are next to the label, a very nice selection of tracks.
A compilation opens with the collaboration between Art Department and BLUD called ‘Who Is Jake Holmes’, a track that is very successful in the sessions of Art Department, a mix of rock hymn with beats Deep House, with those resonant vocal samples; and continues with Art Department and a new remix of their ‘Insomniac’ by Eric Volta, a magical and atmospheric remix; Jonny White gets an unedited version of the first reference in the label ‘Rainsong (Unreleased 2008 Mood Tracking Edits dub)’ with a deep rhythms with very house percussions; another regular producer on the label as Louie Fresco presents its ‘Dez’ with those hypnotic and danceable rhythms; the co-owner of the label, Nitin with a curious track called ‘Carbon Bar’, dark and mysterious; vocalist from Wolf & Lamb, Aquarius Heaven with French dOP bring those between rap and house and bass beats with ‘Nasty Boys’; the excellent producer of Oskar Offermann with a blunt and crude ‘Test of Time’; Maher Daniel with his ‘Emotional Content’ full of repetitive beats; Jakkin Rabbit with powerful bass in ‘Moving’; Clayton Steele brings darkness and deep with the great ‘Window Pain’: Lauren Lane with Jaw an a strong and powerful ‘Was In Love’; Jonathan Lee with a very interesting and fun ‘Dire Agent’; Jade with his ‘Second Guess’ leads to more peaceful and relaxing rhythms and closing compiled with Blakkat & Mirus and the mysterious ‘Sound of Sirens’. Happy Anniversary No. 19 Music.

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