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VA – hfn presents Dock 1 [HFN Music HFN 29] (2014)


The record label based in Hamburg hfn Music, founded in 2009 and going into its 5th year of existence and to celebrate this anniversary next Monday, February 24 published his compilation called ‘hfn present Dock 1’ with 7 exclusive tracks composed by 7 producers and bands, a very good compiled on the good way is the German label, opening the compiled wuth master Kasper Bjorke and his track ‘Kalopsia’, an exclusive track while Kasper is working on what will be his next album, a track delight, intimate with a sweet melody, wonderful synths and a touch kraut-disco with string arrangements; the new project by Jordan Lieb called Fangs presents the mysterious ‘Seagulls’, a deep track with great influence of blues, wonderful voice and percussion; the danish female duo of Darkness Falls bring us the sweet ‘Moonlight’ with such wonderful voices and guitar will add the drums and FX with excellent crescendo on the track; Ebb which also is working on a new album, here have the calm and mysterious ‘Turn Around’; the singer Gary Bagoien aka Gry brings us a preview of his upcoming album ‘Confusion’, full of dark environments, fog and lots jazzy flavor; the young producer from Amsterdam Small Mountain feat Lynes with the track ‘Creatures’, a deep, dark and delicious track, a preview of his upcoming album; and the duo Faded Ranger with instrumenal version of ‘Pretty Colors’ with guitars sharp and electronic elements, a preview of their next album.

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/132872290″ iframe=”true” /]

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