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VA – In The Dark Again 04 [In the Dark Again] (2015)


We return to have pleasant news from the Berlin imprint of In the Dark Again, sister label of Snuff Trax, that always delights us with productions where the darkness is its most prominent exponent.

With four references published to date, the previous three of the German label contained tracks from artists like Dirtbox Jams, KSTS, Emil Seidel, In Aeternam Vale, Ekoplekz, Heinrich Dressel, Frak, Caltrop or Vault. Now it is the turn to ‘In the Dark Again 04 “, with exclusive tracks by June, Beta Evers and SSRI.

The EP is open with “Between 2 fires”, track from the Greek producer based in Berlin of Tsampikos Fronas aka June, boss of the homonymous label along with Trenton Chase. The Greek, which has already produced for the label or labels like These Days (owned by Argy), Suction Records, Cosmic Club or on the same label of June, presents for this occasion a cut that unfolds over terrain that Tsampikos knows very well as it is that of the coldwave dark of electro dyes full of scary synthetic chords.

Then we stumbled upon two cuts from the produced by the German artist Brigitte Enzler aka Beta Evers. Influenced by the experimental electronic of the seventies and the eighties, the New Wave; in the decade of the nineties Brigitte begins to organize parties on the clubs of his native Augsburg. In the year 2000 founded the collective Kommando 6, which will become his own label in 2001, editing 20 productions until 2006 where she decides to be settled the label and start other two new labels: Bodyvolt and Venus Noir, which will serve to accommodate more sporadic references.

The first cut that presents Beta Evers is “Don´t Believe it”, a track which is marked by a drums in wave mode, minimalist synthesizer notes of dark purposes and by the mysterious voice of Brigitte.

The second track by Beta Evers is “Endzeitvision”, an unfinished cut of his period of Kommando 6 that sees the light thanks to this EP, based on dark-electro wrapped up by an acid bass line and a gloomy melody.

Finally we find “Storage Capabilities”, track by the producer Vladimiros Peilivanidis in his project as SSRI, a side project to his other alias of Heinz Kammler in which the Greek attempts to promote propaganda frequencies in the form of material audible and perceptible by the sense of common ear. The track that presents SSRI is quite martian, replete with impossible arpeggios and electronic precious.

VA – In The Dark Again 04 [In the Dark Again DARK 004] (30 November, 2015)
Side 1
1. June – Between 2 Fires (Original Mix) 4:52
2. Beta Evers – Don’t Believe It (Original Mix) 3:57
Side 2
1. Beta Evers – Endzeitvision (Original Mix) 3:53
2. SSRI – Storage Capabilities (Original Mix) 7:17

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