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Various Artists – Scalectric Team vol.1 [Scalectric Music](2016)


In June is our anniversary, specifically our first year since the birth of Scalectric Music. So to celebrate it, we wanted to have fundamental pillars of Scalectric and also incorporate new names, having as a result our first Various Artists. The sixth reference comes loaded,of course, lots of flow and acid. A EP 100% of known Spanish producers in the more underground house scene. We must highlight the new addition of Town of Mind from Extremadura, who enter through the front door in Scalectric with their track “Playing for Change”. Kike Henriquez, another new signing, is well known for his edited works on labels like Brique Rouge, Blufin or Defined. With his track “That Groov” never fails. As part of the Scalectric family we have Ekai, Duosky and boss Xar Lee. Ekai jumps in the deep at this Various artist with his “Why Women Hate Porn”, betting on psychedelic acid sequences, powerful bass and crazy vocals. The Duosky from Extremadura also make a nod to the Detroit-Chicago sound with battery acid sequences 909 and soft melodies, blending styles and resulting in a very solid track. Finally, Xar Lee “Crazy Bass” completes the EP showing on their classic house track batteries and 303 sound, long development for a very dancefloor track.

We want to thank all who have shown their support to us one or another way during this year. From this summer there will be new changes starting and new launch strategies, betting on big names and international house scene. Stay Tuned, we are electric!


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