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Veneno – Matanza Avanza EP [Tici Taci] (2015)


In the search for new talents, the British imprint of Tici Taci (founded and run by Duncan Gray) in the last reference on the label, travels to Argentine for the presentation of Veneno aka Alejandro Ferrer, a project that describes himself as a band of one member, this student of Music Conservatory in Buenos Aires and that with his compositions performed a fusion of rock instruments with electronic, all this laden atmosphere dark, sinister and hypnotic, an artist who debuted in 2010 in a compilation of the British label Etoro Records (run by Isa GT), and repeating the same label in 2012 with his own EP of ‘Plata Plata’, which included a remix of Frank Agrario, artist that took him in 2014 to Italian Mozzarella Recordings to remix N.O.N. , and now comes his second own EP, the first in the label of Tici Taci, where he presents 2 new compositions which are complemented with 2 remixes of the owner of the label, the master of Duncan Gray.

The debut of Veneno in Tici Taci opens with the 2 original cuts, first with ‘Matanza Avanza’, a tribute to the partida of Matanza, in the province of Buenos Aires, where Veneno born, a instrumental cut, with a riffs of guitar and organic percussion that are played in a slow tempo, increasing the dark and sinister atmospheres. In the second cut of ‘Solovino’, Veneno shows us his vocal qualities singing in Spanish the cut, a voice that fits perfectly in these dark atmospheres, a mysterious voice.

For the remixes, Duncan Gray presents one remix for each cut, first for ‘Mtanza Avanza’, extending the remix to 7 minutes of a dark and hypnotic trip to a strange and mysterious galaxies, with subtle additions of elements and maintaining much of the original made a remix to bring the cut to the dark dancefloor. In the remix of ‘Solovino’, with more energetic, dirty bass that drive us forward, taking the role of the 6 minutes of remix, and a few more cosmic details, for another trip to the mysterious galaxy of Veneno.

Veneno – Matanza Avanza EP [Tici Taci TICITACI024] (19 September, 2015)
1 Veneno – Matanza Avanza (Original Mix) 5:30
2 Veneno – Solovino (Original Mix) 4:05
3 Veneno – Matanza Avanza (Duncan Gray Extended Version) 7:09
4 Veneno – Solovino (Duncan Gray Remix) 6:07


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