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Venice Beach (Nang Records) – Exclusive Interview & Mixtape (2015)


The Parisian duo of Venice Beach (Jay & Dee) last week last week released their second EP for the prestigious British imprint of Nang Records, on the occasion of the publication of this EP, ‘You Can’t Stop Me’, in ComoLasGrecas have done an interview exclusively with them and we present you a mixtape exclusively for the blog.

CLG – What about the beginnings of Venice Beach?

VB – Well, it all started 3 years ago. 2 new friends hanging out in a front of a computer to listen to some tracks, we made edits, we made track and became a band!

CLG – How would you define your own music?

VB – It’s really related to our duo name. It’s about disco, it’s about cool people dancing in the bright sun…

CLG – Which do you think is the musical evolution that you’ve had? Where would you like to go?

VB – We definitely move more to the sound producing, we create it all now. We loved samples, but more you are in the game and more you understand your style, and we need freshness in our music. Our music is moving more to a pop direction, which we are happy about, pop music is hard to make, we love challenges.

CLG – Do you enjoy creating your own material more than edits/remixing?

VB – We love both, they are really different exercices… But when you produce your own material somehow you give more to your fan, and we love them!

CLG – What is the creative process in your compositions? What instruments did you use?

VB – We do everything in studios. We write our own lyric for great vocalist, we make everything ourselves.

CLG – How broad you think is the difference between emulated virtual synths (VSTS, AU, RTAS) and real analog ones?

VB – It depends on what you are looking for. We are searching for precise and bright sounds. Before we used analog tools such as Korg, Akai, Moog…But it doesn’t fit the evoltion of our style. Today we work mostly with Native gears (Maschine, Komplete…) and we’re having a lot of fun with it!

CLG – After the boom of Disco/Nu Disco music, and the 80s sound, how do you see the current scene?

VB – There is a transition phase for sure. Techno is back, and you have so many names to call a music genre now, it’s crazy! I would say people have choices and like back in the early 90’s there’s a stronger community holding hands together, as long the music and the dj are good, it’s pact, full of people who likes Deep, Techno, or Disco… It’s a great time to be an artist!

CLG – Which whom artist would do you like to work? And who would you like to remix a track of yours? And who would you like to remix?

VB – We’d love to work with Prince and Madonna, Moroder can produce us and Daft Punk would make the remix
We use everything we can, it’s part of the job! Being on a good label helps you, and we really wanna thank the all Nang Team for putting a great work in terms of promotion.

CLG – What do you think about free culture, piracy, and all those hype terms?

VB – Culture is not free, and when you steal it you are sharing somehow and it might inspire someone else who won’t steal…

NANG X COMOLASGRECAS – Exclusive Mix 001 – Venice Beach

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A lot of Thanks to Venice Beach (Jay & Dee) and Nang Records (F. Rocco)…


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