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Void Vision – Sub Rosa [Mannequin Records] (2014)


Void Vision, musical solo project of Shari Vari, born in the year 2009 in Philadelphia and serves for the young man unleash his most melancholic facet as well as sinister, always accompanied by their synthesizers and giving each production with its sweet and sinister voice.

Sub Rosa” is his first full-length and came to light last November in the Mannequin Records label in two editions; the first one with 400 copies on black vinyl and the second 100 copies on white vinyl, both of on 160 grams vinyl.

The album consists of ten tracks of analog synth-wave of current sound but shamelessly looking to the past. Calm, dark, coral shades and a spectral atmosphere are some of the sensations that one senses when listen the album.

Lines of low bitrate synthesized, haunting melodies, arpeggios, the dark and soft voice of Shari are predominant in each of the cuts that made up the album.
In short, a great way to brand new format of full album through a journey where the romantic and melancholy air of strong character retrowave synth music gives energy and fluidity to work allowing your pleasurable listening from beginning to end.

Tracks such as “Sour“, previously released in EP format, also in Mannequin, complete this album transmitting positive forms of synthetic blasts energy and the predominant voice of Shari or extended version of “In 20 Years” with its breakneck pace.

Void Vision – Sub Rosa [Mannequin Records MNQ 054] (11 November 2014)
1. Void Vision – One 03:29
2. Void Vision – Everything Is Fine 04:14
3. Void Vision – Hidden Hand 05:32
4. Void Vision – Sour 04:31
5. Void Vision – To The Sea 04:52
6. Void Vision – Slow Dawn 03:12
7. Void Vision – Vulgar Displays 03:54
8. Void Vision – The Source 03:57
9. Void Vision – In 20 Years (Extended Version) 06:02
10. Void Vision – Queen Of Hearts 04:46


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