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Vondreib Records: “Social networks are a garbage can where everything goes”


We interviewed the Vondreib Records label, formed by Los catalanes L.O.W.E.R. and Nachap, capable of putting together a record project that goes beyond all prejudice and complex towards music and its different styles. Singular, mysterious and suggestive, it is contemporary music, timeless and focused on the dance floor, which makes its message clear: up the rhythm, down the differences.

How and why did you get involved in Vondreib Records?
The main idea was to have a space to edit our music without complexes. For more than a year we have been preparing this project and throughout this process many colleagues have been encouraging and today we can say that we have a stamp with first-class music and with really powerful future releases.

How long has the stamp creation process taken?
More than a year, we had a first phase of thinking how we wanted our label to be, it was a time to have deep conversations and expose what we think about everything that surrounds electronic music. From there, we create all the strategies regarding music, artists, image, press… everything. You could say that we are fucking perfectionists and we like to work very accurately, so everything is very thoughtful and takes a long time, a record label is like a child and the only way to do something good is to work and giving affection, an attribute That is not left over in this scene.

What is your criteria when identifying artists? What do you look for and hope to achieve in each release?
Our premise is music, if it is good for us to play it in our sessions it enters the seal. In this first release, most artists are friends and acquaintances but we are very clear that it will not always be that way. We want to get to know all the producers that make up the label closely, for us it is essential to create a good team.

They are times of immediacy and haste, and for this reason we are going to give each launch a lot of calm. Our main idea is to take care of the music to the fullest. We are also producers and we have found that almost no label takes care of music as we think it should be taken care of and we are up to the noses that our material has no impact because it is lost among the whole backpack. It is impossible to launch in optimal conditions without a month’s work ahead, therefore.

We want Vondreib’s music to have an impact and the only way to achieve this is by giving all the love in the world to each release.

What can we expect from the next references?
We have until the fifth closed reference and we can already tell you that we are strong with both the music and the level of the artists. Today, we are working with several national and international press agencies that provide very powerful coverage, and so far we can tell you, but we will surprise you.

As for graphic design, what do you intend to convey?
From the beginning we were clear about the importance of the combination of image and sound. Therefore, we have an exclusive design for each release that transmits music as we understand it.

What is your greatest achievement with this work? And your biggest challenge?
Our greatest achievement is that each release has a reason and our biggest challenge is to edit good music, maintain a high level of work and strengthen relationships with our artists as well as the continued growth of the label.

What can you tell us about your first reference? How did the proposal come about?
In this first reference called ‘Compilation One’ we have many artists that we like and that placed their trust in this project, which we greatly appreciate. It is a compilation of ten tracks of different styles, timeless and focused on the dance floor. It is made up of artists who have a long history in some of the best labels on the scene, such as Diynamic, Pokerflat, Sincopat, Bedrock, Mood, among others, and artists that although their baggage is not so wide in terms of stamps, they are still producers with extensive experience and experience. The vast majority of them are national artists but we also have artists from Germany, Japan and South America.
We think about getting two compilations a year and we think it is a good idea that the first reference has artists who will edit in the future as a presentation.

We invest a large part of our efforts in getting performances to give real opportunities to our artists

Have you organized any showcase of the label? If so, where and why in that location?
We made the official presentation of the label in Razzmatazz, one of the most emblematic rooms of the city of Barcelona. The Showcase was a resounding success and the truth is that we could not start in a better way since from the first hour we had the full room to the flag.
In our label we invest a large part of our efforts in obtaining performances to give real opportunities to our artists, work that gives value to our brand.

We invest a large part of our efforts in getting performances to give real opportunities to our artists

How do you think social networks have transformed the culture of electronic music?
Social networks are an indispensable tool for brands like ours to have visibility, even if you do a good job of content, you can get a very positive and real impact for the brand. But it is undeniable that there is a big problem, social networks are a garbage can where everything goes, and what happens, is that the good work of many people (because there is) is overshadowed by stupid content and low level that project certain brands of the sector.

To conclude, what projects do you have in mind this 2019/2020?
We are working on a seal meeting for October, a public event that we will take advantage of to get together all the seal artists and media, and, in which some of our producers will perform a performance. We will continue working on future releases and Showcases of the label.


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