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Vox Low – The Hunt [CORRESPONDANT48](2016)


The duo Parisian of VoX LoW (Benoit Raymond & Jean Christophe Couderc) return with a sound hard, slow and dark, with three cuts incredible for return to one of the seal more powerful of the panorama current, as is Correspondant (Jennifer Cardini),. This duo blends perfectly influences of Krautrock, Psychedelia or New Wave with an excellent electronic form, a duo which we we Treasure Hunting Vol. 2 (2013) of Astro Lab Recordings, with Ivan Smagghe to ‘I Wanna See The Light’ remix, a remix that would later include Rebolledo in their ‘Drive time’ for the Kompakt Label.

The first cut with the “I Am A Strange Machine Sometimes” name, is a little piece of minimalist and dark, that fits perfectly within the chug, with bpms low sound, a simple but direct, battery where dark vocals blend in a progressive and synthetic journey into a surreal analog pulse where the acid taste prevails throughout the trip led by the more glam of all posthumous artists.

For the second court us delight with an ode to the disco of court germano, forceful, where the magic of the production is creates before the amparo of a low hypnotic seq, while them sounds synthetic more dark is mixed, agitated, not scrambled, with them riffs of guitar, while the vocalist recites as the name of the track, well indica “some words of faith”. A great track that leads to a psychedelic journey through remote galaxies where machines and humans coexist in equilibrium, in this delicate musical gem.

He last theme of name “The hunt”, is a court where the rock synthetic is the idea main to face them almost eight minutes of track, a low electro in key industrial carries the weight main for leave step to all the arsenal of resources already well applied in all their previous tracks. a composition of atmospheric, space and psychedelic, where one can imagine a video clip of Billy Idol played while he plays in the background this original track, which the Parisian duo closes another Ep in the patriotic stamp, where there are comfortable and free to demonstrate its versatility and eclecticism that makes them having that very personal sound.


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