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Wolfgang Voigt – Zukunft Ohne Menschen [Profan] (2013)


Wolfgang Voigt plus some of the co-founders and co-owners of Kompakt label and producer, also owns his own label, founded in 1993 Profan, always very radical proposals, and the use of countless musical aliases in 20 years of productions, and also a multi-disciplinary artist, some Kompakt cover albums are design by Voig, and on this year 2013, at the art fair Art Cologne, Kompakt was invited on the occasion of its 20th anniversary, and performed at the entrance of the exhibition an installation sound-art created by Wolfgang Voigt and called ‘Zukunft Ohne Menschen’ composed multimedia elements divided into 10 parts, videos, original paintings by Wolfgang Voigt and Wolfgang’s own sound improvisations, sequencers, piano melodies, which all together create a complete work, charge a sense of total work 60 minutes improvisacines excellent high quality sound of this great artist and producer. And the album release coincides with physical publication, which is a limited edition of 500 copies in book format CD with 10 artistic works by Voigt.

Wolfgang Voigt – Zukunft Ohne Menschen [Profan PROFANCD 13] (2 September, 2013) Buy @ Beatport
1 Z.O.M. 1.1 05:22
2 Z.O.M. 1.2 06:50
3 Z.O.M. 1.3 06:16
4 Z.O.M. 1.4 06:32
5 Z.O.M. 1.5 04:16
6 Z.O.M. 1.6 04:55
7 Z.O.M. 1.7 06:42
8 Z.O.M. 1.8 03:51
9 Z.O.M. 1.9 10:04
10 Z.O.M. 1.10 08:30


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