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YOKTO – Compost Black Label #127 – Lost To The Ages EP [Compost Records] (2015)


The German duo ofYOKTO, formed by Jürgen Graf & Christian Nainggolan, based in the German city of Saarland, on the border with France, published in late May of 2014 in the veteran record label based in Munich of Compost Records in prestigious Black Label series (#114), a debut in the form of 3 original cuts, and in December of 2014 with their second EP, this time for the label of Lossless, ‘Mara EP’ and 2 new cuts from the duo, and now the duo of YOKTO returns to Compost Records with a new EP, ‘Compost Black Label #127’ which include 3 new compositions, in this new EP continues their evolution, on the basis of House music which now are closer to the sounds more techno.

‘Compost Black Label #127’ of YOKTO on Compost Records opens with the mysterious, dark and deep ‘Unagitated Love Affair’ with more than 7 minutes in which sinuous melodies is open road between some mysterious hits, riding in the midst of the darkness and fog, a very cinematic composition, with mystery and tension; in the second track, ‘Skemmtum’ lead us to a few atmospheres more cosmic and space, a trip through outer space, forceful, powerful bassline that accompanied us on the trip. And completing the EP with ‘Lost To The Ages’ with most influence the House music, a cut with direct guidance for the dance floor.

YOKTO – Compost Black Label #127 – Lost To The Ages EP [Compost Records CPT469-1] (4 September, 2015)
1 YOKTO – Unagitated Love Affair (Original Mix) 7:31
2 YOKTO – Skemmtum (Original Mix) 5:45
3 YOKTO – Lost To The Ages (Original Mix) 6:37

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