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You Are We Vol. 1 [You Are We] (2014)


Since London is born a new label You Are We, founded by Wildkats (Scott Dickie & Stuart Sandeman) and Ashley Wild, label oriented to sounds of underground house and night techno for the club, so for their first reference provide a compilation of 6 tracks of 6 producers of the line that the new imprint will follow, a very good selection of tracks, a compilation that opens with the label co-founders, the duo Wildkats and their hypnotic and brilliant ‘Imagine Us’ with arpeggios that ride on the melodies, and a great bassline, dark and intriguing and mysterious; Alexis Raphael and his ‘Your Metal Head’, with a few percussions and pads along with a few ghostly voices and unusual sounds to create a intriguing atmospheres; Ashley Wild and his energetic and dark ‘ Summer in My Soul’, with a few very sensuals French voices, and a captivating rhythm; Kreature present the track of ‘Pluvial’ with deep voices and touches of acid; Johnny Mikes featuring Michael B and their rhythmic ‘Kick Off Your Shoes’, analog sounds and and percussion for a soft, dance composition, and completing the compilation with Borrowed Time and the dark and mysterious’s ‘Thinking Out Loud’, 7 minutes with distortions, great bassline and deep voice.

You Are We Vol. 1 [You Are We YAW001] (24 November, 2014) Buy @ Beatport
1 Wildkats – Imagine Us 07:52
2 Alexis Raphael – Your Metal Head 06:28
3 Ashley Wild – Summer In My Soul 06:34
4 Kreature – Pluvial 06:45
5 Johnny Mikes feat Michael B – Kick Off Your Shoes 06:35
6 Borrowed Time – Thinking Out Loud 07:33


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