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Younger Than Me Feat. Lara Caprotti – Honey EP [Bordello A Parigi](2016)


Bordello a Parigi is a Dutch label that is tricky. Absolute geniuses of the purest Italo, bop and funny at the same time, these guys know how to take all the aces in sleeve about label and production issues. All his records sound completely liberated, as if they were touched with eyes closed, instead of being built under a microscope with knowledge by students of art school. Soon they will present their 12 “composed by the debut of the very young duo of djs and producers of Milan:Younger Than Me, formed by Marcello Carozzi and John Ming, two boys united by the same musical interests, and by the voice noir and persuasive of the singer Lara Caprotti. They could make to revive the best Italo of the hottest and sweetest way. This is evidenced by the original piece that opens the EP: Honey, one of the four tracks that form it, with two remixes and one instrumental, designed to break the dance floor The original theme begins with a bright and intense tone, his voice Made in Italy, melodious and friendly that invite you to reconcile with the world, dancing in the middle of the track under the reflections of mirror balls and neon lights. Followed by th remix of the talian but settled in Berlin:Massimiliano Pagliara who recently debuted at Correspondant, with the great Benoit Gagnom, and who adds a playful, intriguing and duller synths, making Lara’s voice loop that join us into the delirium.

And if the original had a sensitive side, the remix of the Italian Uabos is raising to another side with a strobe lighting, brash and eager to shake us with smoke machines, old-school drums and Cosmic synths. Finally, the Honey Instrumental version is added along with other tracks make this EP a disc full of contrasts, as filmed in Technicolor, which doesn’t lose its freshness at any time. Younger than me debut in Bordello a Parigi is a cocktail for musical catharsis, full of rewarding elements that will make you dance until you forget your pain.

Out the 29th of March on Bordello A Parigi.

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