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Yovav – Botanical Garden EP [Malka Tuti Records] (2016)


From Tel Aviv this summer launched a new record label called Malka Tuti Records, a label founded by Israelites Djs and producers of Asaf Samuel (owner of Tahat club in Tel Aviv) and Katzele (resident in Berlin), two of the founders of the Group of 84% Creativity from Tel Aviv, a debut of the label which occurred last June with the vinyl edition, of the debut of the artist of Xen aka Xen Berg, a multicultural artist, singer and designer from Tel Aviv, with remix from red Axes and in December 2015 the vinyl with the duo from Romania of Khidja (Andrei Rusu & Florentin Tudor) which included a remix from Baris K & Mehmet Aslan, and to begin 2016, the label has just presented the new reference in the vinyl edition with the debut of Yovav aka Yovav Arzi, a musician from Tel Aviv, who was part of Red Cotton, the band prior to Red Axes, and who now accompanies Red Axes in their live performances, an artist, multi-instrumentalist, that for his debut present 2 original compositions that are complemented with 2 remixes, the first comes with the artist from New York of Willie Burns (aka Black Deer, Grackle, Speculator,…), and from Finland, with veteran and prestigious artist of Jori Hulkkonen, an artist with a long list of aliases and side projects, and the last year celebrated his 20 years in the musical scene.

Opening the debut of Yovav on Malka Tuti Records with the original mix of the melancholic ‘Botanical Garden’, a cut of deep atmospheres, more than 7 minutes with synthesizers shedding space and cosmic melodies, the classic rhythm boxes accompanying those magical melodies that teletransport us to other faraway planets in epic form.

‘Botanical Garden’ is accompanyed with a remix signed by Willie Burns called ‘Noodle Remix’, with all the melancholy of the original, and the adds greater deep to remix, a more mystical remix, with a stronger percussion and synthesizers more dreamy.

The second original cut from Yovav is ‘Magnetic Field’, with a sound some closer to the Balearic atmospheres, a great bass gives us to start the track together with guitar riffs, to go changing with synthesizers on a trip closer to Krautrock with psychedelic touches and sinuous waves, a delicious and wonderful trip.

The master of Jori Hulkkonen is responsible for signing the remix to ‘Magnetic Field’, with a brilliant remix, transforming the original into a sound closer to the dance floor, climbing speed, the rhythm, keeping the original magical elements, giving a result of dreamy, with more energetic moments and epic moments with 7 minutes of flight by heavenly paradises.

Yovav – Botanical Garden EP [Malka Tuti Records MT 002] (11 January, 2016)
Side 1
1. Yovav – Botanical Garden (Original Mix) 6:18
2. Yovav – Botanical Garden (Willie Burns Noodle remix) 5:43
Side 2
1. Yovav – Magnetic Field (Original Mix) 5:39
2. Yovav – Magnetic Field (Jori Hulkkonen remix) 6:55

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