Inicio Review ALAN FITZPATRICK / M.R.E.U.X Power Bank



2023, the new Blumoog Music release features two true masters: this time, taking the pitch with M.R.E.U.X is one of the techno legends, Alan Fitzpatrick
Artist that does not need introductions, who worked for best in class labels, such as
Drumcode, Cocoon, Soma, Bush, in this feature will contribute to the new project Power
Bank, remixing Ardity.
A techno music ep that will shake the ground and make your hard pump harder.
Side A will present two tracks from M.R.E.U.X, with his psychedelic sound and obsessive rhythm: Ardity will make the room explode, while Shock Wave will be the real mind trip. Ardity remix will play on side B; Alan Fitzpatrick, a true magician, will fill your nights with electronic illusions.
Coloured vinyl, extraordinary sound; nothing is missing in this release.

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