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Ana Pac – Manifest


I started to notice that the world was in a never-ending cycle of “I’m busy, I’m exhausted I’m stressed etc …” And that this cycle was just this norm people tended to adopt and be okay with as the consequence of being an adult. I always wanted to stay away from that and when I found myself slowly being sucked into it I decided to take action and change my way of thinking. It took time, practice and perseverance but in the end it was and still is worth it. I believe EVERYONE should give themselves the opportunity to feel good and live their best life.

The message within Manifest is that with a change of thought comes a change of attitude, comes a change of lifestyle. You deserve to find your joy and peace. To get to that you must BELIEVE that 1. You CAN find it and 2. Believe that you deserve it. Not only do I want you to find your inner light, but I also want people to realize that everyone deserves that too. So being kind, accepting and loving with one another is also very much needed in this world.

You can also find a few flirty and lovey dovey tracks because why not mix it up a little and show a different side of myself 😉

Use my album as a reminder and a way to empower yourself to follow your heart, lead with good vibes, think with positivity and act with kindness. Live What You Dream! MANIFEST.

“We are incredibly proud of this album, which was truly a labour of love, despite so many obstacles, some at times which appeared unsurmountable. As Ana’s label and manager, I was determined that nothing would get in the way of our vision: to produce an album that shares a message of love, light and joy to the world. As Ana is an open member of the LGBTQIA2s+ community, it was important to us to give others a voice that they could embrace until they could use their own. The songs are uplifting and filled with hope and the promise of better days. I am honoured to release this album. And I am even more honoured to call Ana my cherished friend. I hope you enjoy every track on “Manifest”.
love always, always love,» – Veronica (Label Manager)

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