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Baume – It’s a Thing [Records or not Records]


Baume – It’s a Thing [Records or not Records]


Baume’s «It’s a Thing EP» is an eloquent ode to the past, reinvented for the present. Each track is a meticulous composition that balances the nostalgia of the 80s and 90s with the freshness of contemporary production. «Beat The Record» instantly grips with its rhythmic allure, while «Nobody Feel Like» adds emotional depth, showcasing Baume’s range. The title track, «It’s a Thing,» is a testament to Baume’s ability to fuse different eras into a seamless, captivating sound. The EP culminates with «Unreleased Memory,» a reflective piece that resonates with introspective nuances. What sets this EP apart is Baume’s skill in evoking emotions through a blend of vintage and modern elements, creating a sound that is both familiar and innovative. This release not only marks a significant chapter in Baume’s career but also serves as a bridge between generations of music lovers. It’s an EP that celebrates the vibrancy of past decades while firmly planting its roots in today’s musical landscape.

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