Inicio Review Berlin based DJ ABYSS is back with new album

Berlin based DJ ABYSS is back with new album


One year after the new album «Into The Abyss» from DJ Abyss after a longer artistic break, his 3rd album «Hadrium» is now released. While his first insight into his artistic work with «Into The Abyss» in 2022 was still a journey through different stylistic realms between Chillout over DeepHouse to FloorTechno, «Hadrium» is a club-oriented album and goes more in the direction of his successful longplayer «Paleance», which is a best of his club tracks of the early years as a producer. Although among the 10 album songs on «Hadrium» there is also a halfbeat track and a trip hop production, most of the tracks move between minimal house beats and straight techno sound and have a consistent deepe, sometimes gloomy line. Thus, the 10 tracks on the album build up like in a DJ set. Thus «Hadrium» is stylistically a mirror of his work as a DJ, which is known from the successful Berliner in his very successful DJ career from his live sets, including as a resident DJ at the Berlin Tresor, and which catapulted him already in the 90s several times in the top ten German DJs and which he himself describes as follows: «I brought together the memory of the energy and ecstasy from my years of DJ gigs with my current influences and inspiration in the studio. Images of danced through nights fuse on «Hadrium» as well as moments of conscious deceleration. My new album takes you on a journey through the night – from sunset to the detached peak in the club to early morning and the first warming rays of sunshine.»


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