Inicio Review Cody Chase – ‘The Chase’ – April

Cody Chase – ‘The Chase’ – April


Throughout April, Cody Chase’s radio show, ‘The Chase,’ continued to make an impact, captivating listeners with seamlessly blended mixes and an episode featuring guest star ShortRound. As he continues to lead a musical journey detailed with exciting moments, finding ways to portray his original musicality, Cody Chase’s reputation is steadily growing, with his fanbase expanding with listeners from around the globe. With his radio show remaining a powerful extension of his creativity, having delivered another collection of energetic episodes during April, Cody Chase continues to climb the list of innovative trailblazers on the scene, quickly becoming a name to take note of.

Having rooted himself within Tech House and Techno, showcasing a deep knowledge and familiarity with the styles, Cody Chase now uses his radio show platform to bring attention to the fresh sounds emerging on the scene, highlighting his own admirable tastes and skills with each episode. When it comes to constructing high-energy mixes, Cody Chase’s abilities are undoubtedly clear, shining through in the compelling sonic journeys he curates; diverse, balanced, and engaging, the track listings he compiles display a high-level understanding of Electronic Music itself while underlining Cody Chase’s own penchant for discovering new, emerging talent. Through April, Cody Chase’s mixes offered listeners the music of well-known talents like Carl Cox and Tita Lau, along with introducing the work of upcoming stars like Hanstler and Moshem. A true tastemaker when it comes to the innovative sounds he presents to listeners, Cody Chase should remain on the radar of genre enthusiasts around the globe as he no doubt continues on an exciting trajectory.

During April, Cody Chase offered the decks over to the gifted Producer, ShortRound: a talent on the Electronic Music scene, his impressive reputation no doubt comes as a credit to his skills and the captivating energy of his style. As he injected ‘The Chase’ with his distinct signature sound, presenting original tracks and work from Artists like Maddix and NGD Project, ShortRound’s set no doubt elevated April on the radio show, coming as an added, refreshing layer of excitement.

Cody Chase maintains the quality of ‘The Chase’, ensuring that more and more listeners are drawn to its uplifting energy, presenting them with the opportunity to get lost in an hour of the best music from Tech House, House, and Techno. So, be sure to tune into May’s episodes of ‘The Chase’ as Cody Chase is guaranteed to bring more vibrant music to the airwaves next.

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