Inicio Review Crybaby makes an explosive entrance with new single ‘XOXO CRYBB’

Crybaby makes an explosive entrance with new single ‘XOXO CRYBB’

Crybaby, the new experimental alter ego of renowned songwriter Anna Straker, announces herself in style with her debut single ‘XOXO CRYBB’, out on 24th August.
The opening statement of a bold new artistic project, ‘XOXO CRYBB’ throws listeners into the hyper-creative, high-bpm world of Crybaby, as the self-described “synth princess” weaves delicate melodies around a driving hardcore beat. Crafted in collaboration with DJ and producer Marlon Hoffstadt, the track is a high-octane trip packed full of unforgettable synths and vocal hooks.
“XOXO CRYBB is my theme tune to the world of Crybaby”, says Straker. “It was one of the quickest things I’ve ever written – I heard this crazy 180bpm arpeggio in the studio and the vocals just came out, and working with Marlon Hoffstadt on this was just a dream come true. She’s fast, she’s fun & she’s iconic. Welcome to the Crybaby Club!”
‘XOXO CRYBB’ is a fitting introduction to the world of Crybaby. Breaking free from the chains of conformity, Crybaby emerges as a daring new artist proposition, challenging the norms of the music industry with her unapologetic bratty attitude. After feeling rejected by misogynist and old-fashioned attitudes towards women in music, Anna defied expectations by embracing her “inner crybaby” and embarking on a journey of self-discovery, determined to carve her own unique path as an artist.
After an opening salvo like ‘XOXO CRYBB’, Crybaby has set the stage for a career of contemporary nostalgia that remains firmly in the present.

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