Inicio Review Eric Ross – Rock Me Baby

Eric Ross – Rock Me Baby


Eric Ross – Rock Me Baby

Seizing our attention with its jubilant beats and enrapturing vocals, Eric Ross’s «Rock Me Baby» is a resounding declaration of intent for his new venture, I LOVE SUNDAZE.

His vision for the global day party scene rings loud and clear with this release. Akin to the sun’s rays banishing the night, the tease of vocals woven into the fabric of the track illuminates the pathway to a fresh era of pool and sunrise parties.

As the first track off the label, launched on Saturday, June 17, 2023, Ross marks a milestone in his career. His craftsmanship shines in the blend of 5 am warehouse-style elements with the rattling vibrancy of shakers, hats, and percussions. The resulting masterpiece finds the sweet spot between classic and revolutionary – a unique audio experience, destined to inspire smiles worldwide.

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