Inicio Review Flowdan collaborates with Innellea on powerhouse track ‘Forward Forever’

Flowdan collaborates with Innellea on powerhouse track ‘Forward Forever’


Flowdan joins live artist Innellea in uncompromising track ‘Forward Forever’, out December 8th, marking the next phase of Innellea’s debut album ‘The Belonging’ following the violence and alienation of ‘Silence’ (w. Maurice Kaar) and ‘Burning Out’ w. Juan Hansen. A hard-hitting music video directed by Marco Fumolo accompanies the release. 

‘Forward Forever’ w. Flowdan: grime giant Flowdan, founding member/namer of the original Roll Deep crew, lends his gravitas, deep no-prisoners voice and lyrics to Innellea’s project, rapping his determination and unity – ‘forward forever, backwards never’ in a ‘one-stop shop, badness fully in stock’, over syncopated breakbeats, insistent jerky melody and high, stabbing synth chords. A powerhouse track and an anthem of solidarity.  

This year Flowdan achieved even higher visibility, credibility, and new demographics with the release of the feverishly anticipated ‘Rumble’, with Skrillex & Fred again…, taking him to global chart success and even enlisting the support of the England football team and the likes of Marcus Rashford and Kylian Mbappe as well as music industry tastemakers.

The Music Video: ‘Sometimes we struggle to leave an environment that is harmful to us. These environments hold our self-worth hostage, we find ourselves in an inner prison’ director Marco Fumolo says. ‘When I was in this situation, I remember the pivotal question from a good friend: ‘Why be somewhere where people make you feel unloved, when there are so many places where you are loved?’ I want to share this message with this film, hoping it helps others. When INNELLEA first showed me this track, it was immediately clear to me that it provided the perfect stage for this story.’

‘The Belonging’ album, due Feb 2024, features collaborators like CamelPhat and Swedish indie singer/songwriter Karin Park (more tba). As well as releasing tracks to galvanise many a DJ set on revered labels like Afterlife and Diynamic, Innellea has self-released big-scale conceptual narrative projects inc. his lauded Five Phases Project. The Munich artist’s brand of melodic house/techno combined with diverse genres is now at home on his Distorted Youth imprint in collaboration with [PIAS] Électronique.
‘The Belonging’ project, via the album, singles, multiple music videos, creative social media and a live tour (dates tbc), will evoke a ‘collective catharsis’ for all to share, charting an odyssey both personal and universal from conflict and isolation, through hope, to reconciliation and a state of ‘belonging’, each phase also forming a powerful standalone experience.
Innellea and Flowdan ‘Forward Forever’ is out on December 8th on Distorted Youth in collaboration with [PIAS] Électronique. Smart link to follow. ‘The Belonging’ LP, out Feb 9th 2024, can be pre-ordered HERE.

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