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Footwork Files V/A EP [Brick Sweat Records]


Brick Sweat Records, recognised for its dedication to showcasing a wide array of electronic genres, is pleased to announce the launch of their latest project, «Footwork Files». Following the success of S.U.R.E.’s «Summer of 89» album, this release marks the label’s first various artists project of the year. Collaborating with both established Chicago footwork legends such as DJ Manny & EQ Why, as well as emerging underground producers from Munich to Albuquerque, Brick Sweat Records has curated a Chicago inspired tracklist for their Manchester-based label.

«Tommy’s Intro» by DJ Manny establishes the EP’s intent from the get go with rhythmic vocals, while EQ Why’s «Lost» presents gritty, bass-heavy grooves synonymous with Chicago footwork.

DJ Ends, hailing from Munich, brings innovation to the mix with «Beastie Balls,» incorporating distinctive basketball-inspired samples.

SlowRolla’s «Clouds» takes a raw approach, emphasising bass and breaks.

In contrast, Mick Jeets’ «Who Ya Talkin’ To» showcases his ability to induce a soulful rhythm. MoonDoctoR’s «Chakra Khan» represents the pinnacle of modern footwork, utilising powerful kicks and synth hits guaranteed to invigorate any club.


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