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French duo Raw Analog Funk bring roughed-up house sounds to a new EP on Mondo Dingo Records


Ben Men and Rob Malone are Raw Analog Funk and they head up this label as well as being known as multifaceted artists, DJs, record dealers, producers and party promoters. They have been active and shaping the scene since the 90s and produced the legendary BTRAX parties at Rex Club, which also later became a seminal label, and have been behind some key record stores, including Statik and Basement Trax Records, over the years. This new EP is «dedicated to the Cidade Maravilhosa»

First up is ‘Pepper’, a low-slung and organic house groove with funky bass guitar riffs and elastic rhythms, wordless coos add some soul and the live drums come alive with jazzy piano chords to make for something uplifting and party starting. The fantastic ‘Sangue bom’ then rides on more infectious and organic disco-tinged house grooves that are peppered with twanging riffs and big hits as the languid bassline keeps things moving down low.

Parisian house producer Ten Fingerz from Frappe? Records is an artist who draws on Afro, Jazz, French touch, 90s grooves and much more. He is an insatiable vinyl collector and masterful DJ well-known for sets all over Europe. His remix is alive with rich instrumentation and busy lead guitars, jumbled percussion and vibrant melodies that all tap into good times.

Then comes a remix from Carioca, self-taught multi-instrumentalist Pinaud. He is a well-established musician and DJ in Rio de Janeiro with credits on labels like Manga Rosa and Barco do Amor. His track is a steamy one with erotic vocal coos and a big breakdown, synths that tease and please, and rising energy that will get hands in the air.


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