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Gallegos presents Garry’s Theme


Gallegos Breaks the Digital Silence

Originally dropped on vinyl in 2021, the sold-out collector’s item, ‘Garry’s Theme,’ now makes its digital debut, ending the silence hiatus in spectacular fashion.

The opening track, «Good 2 Me,» immediately captivates with its heart-aching vocal sample, bright keys, and scruffy garage kicks. «Hey Gene!» follows suit, blending carefree playfulness with tight drum programming and catchy sampling. As the EP unfolds, «Old Timers» transitions into a seductive, late-night deep house vibe, leading to the crisp, airy breakbeats of «Bangerang,» creating a dreamscape that takes you on a left-of-center journey. A fantastic EP that leaves room for a moment to breathe.

Gallegos, the driving force behind Room Service, has been building on his reputation established with previous EPs on Curving Track, Holding Hands and Banoffee Pies. While this marks the label’s first digital release, Gallegos’s musical journey began in 2018, with over a decade of honing his unique production style.

This release still delivers hot breakbeat heat right to your room.


Gallegos’s extensive musical footprint includes releases on Slump Recordings, Holding Hands, Semi Delicious, On Loop, Banoffee Pies, Curving Track, Feeling Worldwide, Aurore 404 Records, Duality Trax, and Permanent Vacation. He has also showcased his remixing skills on tracks by Robert Owens, Andy Baumacker, Demi Riquisimo, and Ian Pooley, creating a diverse catalogue that mirrors his eclectic tastes and broad musical influences.

Gallegos has garnered widespread acclaim and support from institutional radio stations, including BBC Radio 1, 6 Music, and BBC Introducing. Esteemed artists such as nd_baumecker, Bradley Zero, Moxie, Eris Drew, Job Jobse, TSHA, Greentea Peng, Emerald, Avalon Emerson, Kornel Kovacs, and Cinthie have all endorsed Gallegos for his inimitable contributions to dance music.

Room Service is thrilled about upcoming releases featuring the talents of Jialing (BIG J) and Baby Rollen (Slump Recordings).


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