Inicio Review In his first album, Russian artist Karpovich brings an intense and retro...

In his first album, Russian artist Karpovich brings an intense and retro futuristic universe in almost 2 hours of sound travel


The album features several artists, including the Brazilian TOMA

Salomão Augusto

A long-time producer who has been gaining recognition for his rankings around the world, Karpovich occupies a prominent place in the Top 100 Indie Dance and increases his ranking with each new release. He has released on labels such as Ritual, Bunny Tiger, Exx Underground, Theory X and Crrct View, and is now releasing his first studio album on Sapient Robots.

Entitled Rock My Friends, the album came out on March 27 on the label of Brazilian producer BRK, who is also featured on the release.

With 17 tracks and 15 collabs, Karpovich brought together a team of producers and created an impressive piece of work on all the tracks, full of syncopated bass, vocals and leads with a lot of metal and distortion that impresses on first listen.

In all the tracks, the movement to play them again is involuntary, because it truly reflects an exquisite level of impressiveness. Especially when we turn to the engaging and hypnotic drops, which take listeners on a beautiful sound journey.

In the middle of this Indie Dance epitome, BAIT, a collaboration with Brazilian producer TOMA, stands out. Produced with a metallic sequence that goes hand in hand with the drop, the track not only presents a wide range of elements, including a striking bass, but is also the one that delivers the most speed and hypnotic character on the whole album.

Among the collaborations, you will also find tracks by Karpovich with producers No Hopes, Alain Fenegas, Alex-Z, Tomy Wahl, Jon.K, Agustin Padaolf, Max Freeze, Rodrigo AM, Pol Shirak, SevenEver, QazaQ (BY), Maz (EG), Brain Gros, JONAH, ATOWS and label boss, BRK (BR).

Listen to the complete album here:

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