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INTERVIEW: Lorna James


In this exclusive interview, we sit down with music Producer Lorna James to uncover the essence of her musical journey in the realm of Electronic music so far. From her classical beginnings to her current exploration of House and Ambient sounds, Lorna invites us to discover the evolution of her unique sound.
With her debut ambient album ‘Stratosphere’ setting the stage for her future endeavors, Lorna shares her excitement for upcoming projects and collaborations, so, join us as we delve into Lorna’s creative process, her aspirations for the future, and the driving forces behind her captivating musical journey.

Hi Lorna! How are you doing?
I’m great thank you, thanks for having me here!

As we look at both your present successes and future aspirations in Electronic music, could you share with us a glimpse into the creative journey that has brought you to this point, and what excites you most about the path ahead?

I started off writing classical, and then Ambient, music. I’ve always really loved House music, so the more I created the more my influences fused. Having got ‘Stratosphere’, my debut Ambient album, under my belt I turned my attention to creating a Dance album. I’m really excited to unveil the resultant product which incorporates all three genres.

With the landscape of Electronic Music constantly evolving, how do you stay true to your unique sound while also adapting to new trends? Honestly, I don’t adapt to new trends (is that terrible?!) I listen to a lot of new music, but when it comes to my own creativity, I stick with what sounds good to me.

Are there any artists or producers you’re currently working with or hope to collaborate with in the future?
I’m currently working with Jan Johnston (aka the Queen of Trance) on some incredibly exciting new music and I’ve collaborated again with Andy Galea (Sol Brothers) on a new track which is currently out on promo and being well received on dancefloors. I absolutely love to collaborate with other artists in lots of different genres; but if this is a wish list, I’d like to work with Nora en Pure or Marsh, please J

Your music has always had a strong emotional resonance with your audience, is there a particular song or project you’re working on that holds deep personal significance to you?

Music is always about feeling. The Dance album I’m currently working on is all about different emotions and a celebration of the human condition. One of the tracks on my forthcoming album, ‘All we left behind’, is about how we get so bound up in ‘busy-ness’ and the stress of modern life that we have forgotten that we are all part of the whole; earth and all creatures on it. There is such magic if we remember who we are and how cool it is to be alive.

You’ve mentioned in past interviews your interest in exploring different genres, can you give us a hint about any new musical directions you’re excited to pursue?

I’ve been experimenting recently with lots of genres; Synthwave, Lo-Fi Hip Hop, Folk, Pop and World music; there are influences of many of these in the House tracks I’m writing at the moment.

Sustainability and social issues seem to be an interest of yours, are you planning to integrate these themes more deeply into your music and public platform?

I am passionate about social justice and equality; I’ve written tracks about some of my experiences as a lawyer, but I can see themes incorporating civil rights and the welfare of our planet being a prominent theme in my future writing. I’ve often said that in terms of sustainability for our planet, being human on earth is like going into a public toilet – you should leave it in the same condition or better than when you went in! How I incorporate that particular message into a track is something I’ll have to work on though 😉

In your journey as a musician, what have been some of the most significant lessons you’ve learned, and how have they shaped your approach to music?

The world doesn’t need more music, it needs better music – so focus on quality rather than quantity. In terms of my own creativity; i) there are no rules ii) trust your own ears iii) and don’t be afraid of not conforming to a particular genre, that’s what remixes are for!

Beyond music, are there any other art forms or mediums that inspire your creativity, and do you see yourself integrating these influences into your future work?

I have often written music straight after watching a movie or TV series, or something on the news that has really upset or moved me. Other times, it can be a picture or painting that grabs my attention. I never know when the inspiration will come or where from, it’s just important to get the ideas down while I’m still feeling the emotion.

Looking ahead, where do you see your career in Electronic Music in the next five years, and are there any long-term goals you’re excited about? I’m really excited about collaborating with artists all over the globe to make beautiful, emotional, moving tracks J and also developing my own show – so watch this space!

We thank Lorna James for her time sharing some details about her career so far, as she embarks on new musical ventures and collaborations, we eagerly anticipate the captivating melodies and evocative soundscapes that she will undoubtedly create in the months and years to come. Make sure to follow her on social media to remain updated on her latest news.

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