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During April on Jacob Colon’s radio show, ‘Made To Move’, the talented Producer and DJ offered listeners an exciting range of music, utilising his platform to showcase the hottest and freshest sounds within the genre today. As he continues to present a deep appreciation and understanding of Electronic Music, bringing the vibrant sounds of House music to the airwaves, Jacob Colon ensures he carefully constructs mixes that are as engaging as they are energetic, delivering unmissable sonic journeys to listeners around the globe.

Jacob Colon’s ability to seamlessly blend together tracks is evident through each and every episode of ‘Made To Move’. With last month delivering another stand-out collection of music, unique in track lineups and diverse in the range of Artists featured, ‘Made To Move’ continues to serve as a perfect destination for both seasoned genre lovers and those only just beginning to dive into the electrifying sounds of Electronic Music. As he moves across House genres, introducing the groovy beats of Afro House with the dynamic energy of Tech House, Latin House, and Tribal House, Jacob Colon makes his tastes known, showcasing a unique perspective that no doubt demands attention and cements him as an individual tastemaker on the scene.

Within each episode, Jacob Colon showcases original creativity and innate talent; approaching the curation of his mixes with a skilled and confident attitude, Jacob Colon keeps pushing boundaries, exploring new musical ground as he delves deep into the genre to bring enthralling sounds to his listeners. April on the show proved to be no different as Jacob Colon incorporated a wide range of Artists into his mixes; from the established to the up-and-coming, listeners should continue to expect varied sonic journeys within Jacob Colon’s ‘Made To Move’ episodes.

With April seeing Jacob Colon continuing to keep the bar high, adding more powerful episodes of ‘Made To Move’ to his catalogue, the show continues to appear as the ideal listen for any genre enthusiast and one to be tuning into to discover the most exciting creators and innovators currently within Electronic Music. So, as he promises more captivating episodes throughout May, fans of ‘Made To Move’ should no doubt look forward to what is sure to be another impressive instalment of Jacob Colon’s radio show.

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