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Throughout March, Jacob Colon ensured his radio show, ‘Made To Move’ continued to bring mixes that were as surprising as they were impressive: detailed with tracks from the up-and-coming stars of Electronic Music, along with music from well-known talents, Jacob Colon’s mixes during March are sure to have excited listeners, growing the reputation of the show even further as more genre enthusiasts joined the ever-growing collection of fans following Jacob Colon along on his musical journey.

Each month, Jacob Colon manages to elevate ‘Made To Move’ to new ground, consistently breathing fresh energy into his episodes as he carefully constructs well-thought-out mixes for listeners around the globe. Now being broadcast on over 40 international radio stations, there is no denying the reach of ‘Made To Move’ as it works to establish itself as one of the most thrilling shows to be tuning into.

A tastemaker who continues to showcase an impeccable talent and a skillset that consistently supports his ever-evolving creativity, Jacob Colon uses ‘Made To Move’ as a platform to display his current favourites of Electronic Music. Last month, the talented Producer and DJ incorporated music from gifted Artists like GORDO, Mike McFly, and AYYBO, curating an exciting tapestry of electrifying beats and intoxicating melodies. With fans having grown expectant of diverse, varied, and engaging sonic experiences with each episode, Jacob Colon ensures he delivers, carving thrilling auditory journeys through the vibrant musical colour of Tech House, Afro House, and Dance music. As he appears each month with a collection of stand-out episodes, enlightening in track listings and compelling in sonic makeup, Jacob Colon keeps emerging as a refreshing and unique talent, one surely not to be missed.

With the promise to keep delving deep into Electronic Music to present some of the hottest and most innovative sounds emerging on the scene, Jacob Colon makes sure that ‘Made To Move’ continues to gain recognition, earning the attention of genre lovers worldwide. So, make sure to take note and tune into next month’s episodes of ‘Made To Move,’ as Jacob Colon guarantees more electrifying energy and hard-hitting vibes with yet more must-listen mixes.

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