Inicio Review Karry G presents a new tracks : «Welcome to My Universe»

Karry G presents a new tracks : «Welcome to My Universe»


Ukranian DJ Karry G  released two new tracks.

Spread across two individually unique dancefloor-focused cuts, Karry G showcases her ever-developing depth of production skills starting with title cut ‘Welcome to My Universe’ which fuses pulsating drums and bouncing melodies throughout to carve out a progressive vibe-setter.

KARRY G told : «Tracks are always created differently, if we talk about time: some faster, some slower. It all depends on inspiration and the mood of me and my team. And that shows in the tracks. Some tracks are lighter, others are mega danceable.  The new tracks are simply a dance bomb, through them we have managed to transmit an incredible vibe and crazy energy.  Enjoy!».

Rounding off the release, ‘Isolate’ takes things up a notch with driving grooves and commanding musicality, tied together by atmospheric, ethereal breakdowns and weighty drops for a guaranteed peak-time head-turner.

Karry G said: «My career has given me a lot of exciting and talented people around me.

There are also many other things that allow me to develop as an artist. I love DJing.

I express my creativity and freedom by DJing. It’s not just about music, it’s a lot of fun, and I’m very grateful to the people who have believed in me and helped me realize my dream».

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