Inicio Review Kate Stein presents ‘SNAFU’ + Mala Ika and RNR Remixes

Kate Stein presents ‘SNAFU’ + Mala Ika and RNR Remixes


99FVR is born. The NYC based imprint launches, blending intensity, feverish ambiguity and nostalgia.  Both entrancing and disorienting, 99FVR is a home to redefine peak time sounds and amplify the essence of rave culture.  It is an expansive state where euphoria and discomfort can equally coexist.

‘SNAFU,’ the first 99FVR single from label boss Kate Stein, plunges listeners into the frenetic atmosphere of 90’s rave culture with its pulsating drums and melancholic bassline. The track captures the experience of navigating through distortion and fading clarity, delivering a state of confusion and chaos, while the high NRG tempo invokes an equal sense of rave nostalgia and euphoria.

Mala Ika’s remix of ‘SNAFU’ stays true to her signature style, serving an elevated sound that features catchy vocals, and channelling a classic house vibe.

Drawing inspiration from the early 2000’s sounds of New York City, particularly Brooklyn’s nu-disco/house revival, Neu Romancer and Radondo’s remix of takes the bright energy of the original and reimagines it through their own moody, chuggy lens.



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