Inicio Review ^L_ presents ‘Urban Stigmata'

^L_ presents ‘Urban Stigmata'


^L_ is a reference in electronic music, known for producing songs that are as deep as they are danceable. His latest release, ‘Urban Stigmata’, is a collection of songs that show his unique sound and the way he understands it.

‘Urban Stigmata’, released as an EP, is an electronic piece characterized by clear textures, metallic percussion and contrasting chords. A soft rhythm, which is combined with terrifying sounds, until finding an interesting, intriguing and unique narrative, full of personality, where it more than demonstrates that it has the strength and jumps over the prevailing conventions, knowing how to avoid crudeness and darkness. more recurrent.

During the disco, she leaves nothing behind and she corroborates the mission that electronic music has always had: to play with the present and advance into the unknown, beyond entertainment. We could say that this work seeks novelty without losing nostalgia, that it plays with genre but without falling into predictable tricks, or the arrogance of someone who clings to a genre or mannerism to demonstrate that she has personality. Paradoxically, to achieve simplicity and lucidity requires experience and the ability to free yourself from the limitation of conditioning, and this work is a healthy example of this.

In short, ‘Urban Stigmata’ is an EP for demanding listeners, which at times hypnotizes, and when not, traps you like a pair of shackles: a triumph.

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