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Lady Alma, Joey Crawford, Rob Paine – Love Right Now (Homero Espinosa Remix)


Worship Recordings revisits deep and soulful cut ‘Love Right Now’ by Lady Alma, Joey Crawford and Rob Paine, with a brand new dancefloor-ready remix by Homero Espinosa.

Originally issued in February 2023, ‘Love Right Now’ saw Worship Recordings founder Rob Paine reconnect with label stalwarts Lady Alma and Joey Crawford, with a remix by Philly hero Pete Moss.

«In crafting this remix,» says Homero Espinosa, «I leaned heavily on the Roland MC-307, a vintage treasure acquired during the pandemic. This piece of equipment propelled me towards creating a sound reminiscent of classic late ’90s Strictly Rhythm releases, yet infused with a modern flair. Thrilled with the enthusiastic support from Rob and team, this remix became a playground where past met present, producing a sound both familiar and fresh. Hope ya dig!»

The Homero Espinosa remix of ‘Love Right Now’ is due for release on all download stores and streaming platforms, December 1st, 2023.


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