Inicio Review Meetch – ‘Digital Dance Radio’ – April

Meetch – ‘Digital Dance Radio’ – April


With a strong determination, committed work ethic, and a loyal passion for Electronic Dance Music, the talented Producer and DJ Meetch continues to drive his radio show, ‘Digital Dance Radio,’ to exciting territories, bringing top guest stars to the decks, and delivering compelling mixes with each episode. As April proved to be yet another memorable month on the show, with enthralling track listings from Meetch himself, along with mixes from genre heavyweights Alle Farben and Yves V, the reputation of ‘Digital Dance Radio’ continues to grow with more and more listeners joining its collection of followers each month.

With every episode, Meetch continues to excel, raising his creative bar even further as he adds more impressive sets to the ‘Digital Dance Radio’ collection. During April, the addition of such renowned names within the realm of Electronic Dance Music, Alle Farben and Yves V, stood out as milestone moments for the show. As each guest presented listeners with a hard-hitting selection of music, adding their own distinct touch to the sounds of the show, further highlighting their impeccable talents that have taken their names to great heights within the genre, April on ‘Digital Dance Radio’ will surely remain unforgettable for fans of the show. As the number of guests that have taken to the decks of ‘Digital Dance Radio’ steadily grows, along with the reputation and VIP status of those featured, as does Meetch’s own position within the genre. Having been making his mark on the landscape of Electronic Music through all his creative pursuits, whether taking to stages, releasing music, or now igniting the airwaves with thrilling episodes of ‘Digital Dance Radio’, Meetch remains a distinct talent on the scene, one whose trajectory continues to appear promising.

Meetch’s own mixes during April certainly kept the quality high; introducing listeners to a range of tracks from across the landscape of Electronic Dance Music, from the music of Blinders to NERO to Dombresky, Meetch’s sets delivered vibrant energy while displaying his experienced familiarity and understanding of the genre itself. As he brings a bold selection of music each week, diving deep to present listeners with both new and well-known tracks, Meetch brings authenticity to his musical display, ensuring his signature style and individual tastes remain at the centre of each ‘Digital Dance Radio’ episode.

With an innate ability to craft immersive sonic experiences, one thing is for certain, Meetch will continue delivering more must-listen mixes of ‘Digital Dance Radio’, so be sure to tune in throughout May as you don’t want to miss out on Meetch’s lively energy and original sound.

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